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About Us

Who are We?

Rocketalgo are a group of trading enthusiasts obsessed with creating ways to realize the most efficient gains possible in our own sessions. To accomplish this, we set out to build the most intuitive trading algorithm accessible to every day traders all over the world. 

We know that as market takers we have to be able to stay ahead of trend movements and to do that, we needed our algorithm to crunch immense amounts of data to give us the insights to make fast market decisions.

We also had to create a tool that was straightforward and easy to learn. While it’s true that you can learn the more advanced features of Rocketalgo to intensify your trading game, many of our customers our new at the trading game and part of our mission is making this technology available to everyone, anywhere.

Trading successfully isn’t rocket science with the right tools and a supportive and friendly team. We’re behind you every step of the way.

Why Trader's Choose Rocketalgo

Simply Consistent Trades

There are many advantages to trading with Rocketalgo. Trading markets has become more volatile in recent times, meaning it’s crucial to respond to market conditions quickly and intelligently. From detecting patterns to minimizing human error, our platform was built to give you the edge you need to make confident trades consistently. Here’s how Rocketalgo is launching traders into success:

  • A cutting-edge algorithmic trading platform powered by artificial intelligence, easy-to-master in a short period of time
  • Rocketalgo helps daytraders overcome hesitation and manage emotions while building confidence.
  • Packed with powerful features but designed to be easy-to-learn, enabling you to formulate your trading strategy based on your needs, knowledge and skill level.

A company you can trust

Our goal is to help you improve your trading experience and, as a result, boost your profitability.

Meet Our Responsive, Supportive Team

If you need assistance, have a question or need a quick tutorial, we’re always on hand to offer support, answering any questions you may have.

Aditya Gupta

CEO & Founder, India

Mitch Propster

Sales Director, North America 

Neeraj Sharma

Advisor, International Strategic Alliance