The Story Behind Rocketalgo

Successful people are what they are because they don’t let minor hiccups in their way pull them down, the story of Mr. Aditya Gupta is no different. The founder of Rocketalgo Analytics Private Limited has had his fair share of hiccups on his journey of creating a successful startup!.

Mr. Aditya Gupta was laid off by a multi-billion dollar company in the United States saying that he was not innovative and adaptive at the data-related- jam. Mr. Gupta thought he had hit dead-end; the lowest point in his life. He strived hard- he dove into studying with the determination of being on top of the class and worked hard every day of his life to land the job of his dreams. He finally entered the corporate world with good pay and a consistent lifestyle, contempt of his hard work though fate had different plans for him.

The Untapped Gold Mine of Trading that Virtually no one knows about

After working so many years in a job profile he decided to start his own business and move back to India after he was laid off from his company due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With his Enactus (Enactus United States) experience and Naveen Jindal School of Management, UT Dallas’s learnings he knew that he had what it takes to be an Entrepreneur.

He started his first-ever data mining startup using machine learning to give stocks, forex, crypto, index, and futures-related buy sell indicators with about 95% accuracy. Within the course of a month, the company was serving clients from 5 different countries. He thought he had lost everything when he was laid off but the decision he took was really worth the sweat.

Rocketalgo is a revolutionary algorithm that helps you make smarter trading decisions based on multiple logics while being integrated with deep-date trading perspective. Rocketalgo can perform technical analysis on its own; the setup takes just 3 minutes to complete the process saving you from the hassle.

Aditya Gupta designed Rocketalgo for his father with the hopes of saving him time when doing technical analysis and allowing him to focus on making the best judgments possible, but it turned out to be a revolution.

With his father’s advice and positive feedback from multiple users, Aditya decided to turn Rocketalgo into a full-fledged startup.

What started as help for his father turned out placing in the top 500 companies list among 19,500 competitors for India’s biggest startup reality show that goes by the name Kuberan’s house.

Rocketalgo focused nowhere else but ahead to help their clients, Rocketalgo has made trading easier for everyone.

In a period of a month, Rocketalgo went from serving clients in 5 different countries to popping in the top 500 list. A fruit of dreaming big, working hard, and staying positive in the journey.

Mr. Gupta was contacted by big companies from the US several times even the company which laid him off wanted him back but he chose to stay on his path and decided never to look back. With zero regrets and hard work today he’s found his formula for success.

With our core role in transforming the way people trade – we are in the unique position to reinvent retail trading for a more user focused experience through our easy-to-use UI, data interaction and actionable insights.